Warehousing / storage

We offer both short-term and long-term storage options. Our facilities always contain available extra space to allow us to quickly integrate new customers or meet the expansion needs of current customers. We are ideally suited to meet the ongoing storage requirements of our customers as well as the seasonal needs which face many industries. Our warehousing and storage facilities meet the highest standards  and have been inspected and approved by the prevailing regulatory and licensing bodies. We service both domestic and international shipments from our warehouse locations in Greece and Bulgaria. Our storage space is at your service, for however long you need it offering :
  • Receipt of goods from the customer’s premises
  • Unloading to our storage
  • Quantitative and qualitative control
  •  Free custom clearance warehouse
  • Cross docking for immediate -delivery arrivals
  • Order by code or tracking unit
  • Stock management batch file -lot numbers
  • Insurance of stored goods
  • Ordering by fax, email, telephone                        
  • Refunds management
  • Asset inventories
  • IT organization, IT invoicing
  • Shipments under fifo-lifo-fefo
  • Collection boxes, picking, order preparation
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