Warehouse depot THESSALONIKI

Our modern storage centre is situated in the Western part of Thessaloniki (Kalochori), next to the international road of Thessaloniki- Athens. The convenient position of our facilities ensures access to all directions and is in a distance of five kilometers from the port of Thessaloniki. In an enclosed field of 8.000sq.m. The warehouse is  guarded on a twenty-four hour basis with security patrols, as well as, a modern sensitive alarm system.

State of the Art Warehousing

  1. 3.000 Sqm of Warehouse Space
  2. Over 5.000 pallet positions
  3. Additional block storage sites
  4. Temperature isolated ceilings, epoxy painted floors
  5. All types of lifting equipment, all operations barcode supported
  6. Full security and insurance (all risks)
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